Review Of Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago – Modern Rooms, Friendly Staff


The Comfort Inn brand has grown from just a basic bed and breakfast, offering modern rooms with all the basics needs for comfortable night’s sleep and a good start to the morning. They market the name as a “midscale limited-service brand”, so expectations are not sky high compared to other higher star rated hotels.

The Comfort Inn and Suites Tobago was opened in August 2022, and offers 74 rooms with varying options. Even though it is a mid-tier brand, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with their offering.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Booking

We booked the “1 King Bed” room at a nightly rate of US $148 a night plus taxes. I found this to be a bit on the higher end given that many Comfort Inn rooms of similar caliber in the U.S. could easily be booked for almost under $100 before taxes.

However these were the “weekend” rates as many travelers fly or sail in from Trinidad (Tobago’s sister isle) for a weekend getaway. Weekday rates tend to be cheaper depending on the time of year, with this room being as low as $128 a night plus taxes.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Location

Located just at the lower end of the capital of Scarborough at the junction of Milford Road and Milford Road Extension, the hotel is a five minute drive away from the port. You can even get there by foot in under 25 minutes if you’re up for the walk. If you’re coming from the airport, you should either rent a car, hire a taxi or use the hotel’s shuttle service as it is a 20 minute drive.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

Once you drive down into the yard, there is a large car park in the back free of charge. I’m not a big fan of the color combo, but I guess who’s staying here for that, right?

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Lobby and Check In

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago
Still of the lobby taken from my video

Walking in, I was met with a very spacious, cool-lit lobby, with a snack and gift shop area just off to the left side. The lobby itself is very minimalist with dark wood accents all round. As we had arrived shortly before 8 p.m., the lobby was virtually empty and our check in was completed in a few minutes. We were booked in room 309.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago
Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

The snack/gift shop offers a variety of drinks and snack items, as well as a number of Tobago-branded clothing for sale.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

The elevators to the rooms are located to the left of the check in area, with both the spa/wellness room and gym located just down the hall to the right side of the elevator entrance area.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

As with any Comfort Inn, don’t expect fancy hallways. Even though well lit, the path to the rooms have a basic office vibe with standard office-tile ceilings, colored carpets and black doors.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago One King Bed Room

Comfort Inn and Suites Tobago

Before we get into the room break down, I want to put it out there that waited until morning to get photos as we had arrived at night. Unfortunately this meant not getting the most pristine shots of the room, but hey, it was meant to be used, right?

The “1 King Room” is the smallest in the line up, measuring just 248 square feet. Given that this hotel was built just a year ago, that definitely reflects in the room design with complementing pastel wall colors, dark wood textures on the bed frame, and wood textured floors. The beds are very comfortable with lots of pillows and the usual multiple layers of sheets and blankets.

The alarm clock at the side of the bed have additional 115V AC power outlets to plug you devices into.

Unfortunately due to the rooms facing each other with little space in between, the room is a bit dark without the lamps and overhead lights on. There are rooms that face the city and ocean view, but they are the higher tier options (e.g. those with separate seating areas and additional bedrooms).

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago
Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

The room also features amenities including a small office desk space, coffee maker, ice buckets and cups, a microwave, mini fridge and a few storage drawers. There is also a flat screen TV with cable and mobile phone/tablet connectivity options.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

There is also a small closet with an ironing board, iron, some hangers and a lock box.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

The bathroom had a small white vanity with a backlit mirror (ignore the water splashed on it). Unfortunately this reminds me of my stay at Radisson RED Miami because there was no where to rest my clothes when I had to change. A simple rack like the one in my Harbor Club stay in St. Lucia would have sufficed.

As for the walk-in shower, I am happy to report that out of the many hotels that I’ve stayed in, this is the first that does not spill or leak water into the pathway. I’m sure there are many hotels that solved this problem as well, but it’s just crazy that so many 4 and 5 star brands that still allow this to be an issue.

Being six feet tall, the shower head was a bit on the low side, and water pressure wasn’t so great, but at least the hot water was really hot.

There is an adequate supply of face and body towels on the stand below the sink, as well as bars of soap and basic hair products.

Like many brands post-pandemic, the Comfort Inn is is also extending the time period between room cleaning intervals to once every three days cut down on unnecessary cleaning costs. You can however request to have more frequent cleaning if necessary.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Skye Restaurant Dining

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

The Skye Restaurant and Lounge is located on the 6th floor, serving free buffet-style breakfast from 7-10 a.m. They also do lunch and dinner, but you have to pay for those separately (unless you’re part of a package that includes them). The restaurant itself has amazing panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding greenery. There is also a deck on the outside if you wish to take in an even better view.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

Breakfast options varied depending on the day, but choices were on the limited side. Guests can choose from items like eggs, pancakes, hot dogs, smoke herring pies, croissants and more. There was also a selection of cereals, juices, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Even though we popped in at 8 on both mornings, there were no fruits to choose from.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

There was also a chef at a cooking station making custom omelettes. Even though the food didn’t really meet your expectations, it will get you by. The staff were very friendly, explaining the full list of options to first time guests.

We did not have time to check out the lunch or dinner options but reservations are always recommended as the restaurant can get pretty full quickly.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago – The Terrase Rooftop Bar

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

Besides the restaurant, there is “The Terrase” rooftop bar on the 4th floor of the smaller building (the left side if you are looking in from the street). With lots of lounge-style seating and light dinner options and finger foods, this bar offers a mix of cocktails, shots, beers and other non-alcoholic drinks.

At the time of our visit, there was a shipping issue between Trinidad and Tobago, resulting in the bar not being able to restock on some items needed for their cocktails, but they had a decent beer selection, and our excellent bartender made the experience much better.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Pool

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

On the same floor as Skye Restaurant, guests can also access the infinity pool which overlooks Lower Scarborough and the ocean. There are a number of lounge chairs and at the time we visited, it was not crowded, but it can get pretty busy once a people start getting in.

The pool is four feet deep with a steps at the front. Guests have access to pool towels in the lobby, and there is a shower area to the right side to rinse off before going back to your room.

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago Gym and Spa

Comfort Inn And Suites Tobago

As we only stayed for two nights and had busy day schedules, we did not get to check out the gym or spa, but these are accessible on the ground floor. The spa was not open when we passed by, but it is understood that they work on an appointment basis.

There are also other facilities including a business center, meeting room and guest laundry room.

Thoughts And Conclusion

For a 3-star rated hotel, the Comfort Inn is definitely one of the top places to stay in Tobago. With very friendly staff, clean and modern rooms, a fun outdoor bar and restaurant, it’s good value and delivers well for the category it serves. The nightly rates could be a bit cheaper, but it’s somewhere I would recommend if you’re staying by yourself, or with your partner, or with a small family or group of friends.

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[Featured Photo: Bradley Wint]

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