Editorial Disclosures

Gate Checked prides itself on delivering honest, straight-to-the-point news and reviews. Achieving this means that we must maintain a clear line of autonomy between our work and the companies and individuals that we reports on. In a world where paid content and sponsored material is a norm, we live by the following guidelines so that we can truly stand behind our word when recommending a product or service.

In order to maintain independence, we follow these guidelines:

  • We do not accept money, gifts, or any other items or services of value from companies or PR-based firms.
  • Companies or individuals are not advised in advance of our intentions to review a product or service.
  • Reviews are never sent for vetting by a company before publication.
  • We do not publish sponsored or PR content in any form or fashion.
  • Authors are barred from covering content about companies that they may have a personal interest or investment in.

As trip reports and reviews are meant to give readers an idea of what to expect about a product or service in a real world situation, we do not accept any forms of financing; discounted or free trips, accommodations, and food that may sway the opinions of our content.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

Besides earning money from banner advertisements, we may earn commission from affiliate links from various booking engines and Amazon.

  • Any post that includes affiliate links will have a disclaimer before the start of the content.
  • Affiliate links will not come at any extra cost to you, the reader.
  • Our posts are not tailored around these links in the interest of offering the best advice to our readers.

Press Events

We do accept invitations to various press events on the basis that such invitations are not seen as an influencing factor in our reporting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at email hidden; JavaScript is required