Frontier Going European With Blocked Middle Seats


Frontier Airlines is taking a note from the European airline playbook, introducing UpFront Plus seating for passengers who want a bit extra leg and arm space.

Starting April 10, 2024, Frontier will designate the first two rows of each aircraft as UpFront Plus seats, and will offer between 5-7 inches more legroom, as well as a guarantee that the middle seat will be blocked. This isn’t going to be full “business” class like what is offered on regional Europe, but you’ll be able to stretch out a bit more and not have someone next to you.

Other perks include priority boarding and first to receive in flight service.

“Many consumers strongly prefer a seating option that offers extra space when flying,” said Barry Biffle, CEO, Frontier Airlines. “Frontier is all about choice and giving consumers the flexibility to customize their travel to suit their individual needs and preferences. UpFront Plus is a great option for those who want expanded personal space and extra comfort.”

From now until March 20, customers can reserve these seats (aisle or window) for as low as $49 per passenger, per flight segment for travel between April 10 and April 30, 2024. This reservation can be done either through their website or mobile app.

Slap in the face for FrontierMiles status members

Luckily for Frontier, they don’t have to reconfigure their cabins as the first three rows of each aircraft already included extra legroom. Previously called “Stretch Seats”, these rows offer between 5-7 inches of extra legroom, and could be purchased at a higher premium.

Prior to this change, FrontierMiles Gold, Platinum, or Diamond members would have been entitled to upgrade to these premium seats for free at booking, subject to availability. With UpFront Plus seats now taking up the first two rows, they can only battle for the 3rd row of Stretch seats, as well as exit rows. Silver members are also affected, but their status limits them to reserving preferred seating at the airport.

Featured image: Frontier Airlines

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