Check out photos of WestJet’s MAX 8 new First Class-styled “Premium” seats


Back in July, we talked about WestJet introducing a proper “Premium” cabin on their 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Now the airline has taken delivery of its first MAX 8 with domestic first class-styled seats (or business class on international routes), featuring a proper 2-2 configuration across 3 rows. The rest of the aircraft features 162 regular economy seats in a 3-3 configuration, totaling 174 seats.

Like other domestic first-class products on North American-based airlines, premium passengers will receive complimentary cold and hot meals (which can be previewed here), dedicated cabin service, USB and AC power outlets in each seat, on top of the wider seats with more leg room. Like with some other MAX 8 competitors, entertainment and Internet is provided solely via streaming WiFi as there are no seat-back screens.

The service will be initially offered on select routes, but will over time start phasing out their tighter Plus cabin as they receive more MAX 8s with this new configuration. The airline also plans to retrofit the rest of its 737NG aircraft with the new “Premium” cabin.

[Featured Photo: westjetfan_aa/Instagram]

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