Congo Teen Caught Trying To Stow Away Inside Jet Engine


In a bit of odd news, ground crew at the Maya-Maya airport (BZV) in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo spotted a Congo teenager trying to stow away on a private Hawker 125-800XP.

Details about the situation are scarce, but officials at the airport found the young man hiding in the intake of the right side engine of the Hawker belonging to Executive Aircraft Services S.A. (registered as OD-EAS).

The teen was escorted away by airport officials, and when asked about his intentions, he said he hid in the engine with the hopes of escaping to Europe to start a new life.

As Congo struggles to deal with its economic problems, and with more than 40% of its people living below the poverty line, it’s no surprise when cases like this pop up from time to time.

Congo teen stowaway found hiding in jet engine

[Featured Photo: User submitted]

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