“Comedian” Gets Schooled By Captain After Making Alcohol Joke

Good fun or bad taste?

A New York comedian may have to keep his day job a bit longer after one of his TikTok videos managed to ruffle quite a few feathers in the aviation/travel community.

In a now viral clip, Jamie DeGeorge, going by the stage name “JAMMER TV”, posted an interaction he had with a Southwest Airlines captain. It’s unclear where he was flying to, but here is the breakdown of what was said.

Comedian: How you doing? Are you the pilot of this flight?

Captain: Yes, what’s up?

Comedian: You haven’t been drinking or anything, have you?

Captain: You know what, that’s the stupidest f*cking thing you could say to me.

Comedian: I’m joking around. It’s a joke.

Captain: No, I’m not joking.

Comedian: It’s a joke, sir, It’s a joke. Relax.

Captain: I can pull you off right now.

Comedian: Oh my God, have you ever heard of a joke? I’m a comedian.

Captain: Come here, come here for a second.

Comedian: I’m a comedian. It’s a joke to make you laugh.

Captain: You don’t do that.

Comedian: I’m very sorry I offended you.

Captain: You don’t do that. And the reason being you don’t do that is because that gentleman right there, or anyone else around now doubts what I do for a living. So I don’t go into your work center and sh*t on your situation. Don’t do it again.

Comedian: I understand. It was just a joke. I didn’t mean to offend you.

Captain: Thank you.

Comedian: Wow. See what I mean about life?

DeGeorge’s clip didn’t go the way he expected it to, resulting in him eventually deleting it and turning off comments on the rest of his TikTok videos.

While some had a laugh at the interaction, the majority, including myself, felt that it was a really inappropriate joke to make given the circumstances. It’s one thing to joke about that over drinks or at the comedy club, but doing so while other passengers are around in the airport is simply not a good idea.

In a world where everything ends up on TikTok and Instagram, companies are now focusing first on optics while handling investigations in the background. Had this little joke escalated into something else, it could have resulted in unnecessary time being wasted investigating the pilot over a non-existent matter.

[Featured Photo: pbarbee/Twitter]

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