Stansted bans passengers from sleeping in its airport


If you are taking a connecting flight with a long layover at Stansted Airport in the UK, be prepared to stay awake or rent a hotel as the airport’s officials have implemented a no-sleeping policy.

The policy was recently enforced after complaints were made against numerous passengers going so far as to building makeshift hammocks and using blow-up beds to catch a bit of sleep until their next flight. Signs with “Please do not lay down on the seats” written on them were placed through out the airport near the seating areas. The airport also claims that with major construction taking place at the airport, they do not want passengers being injured in the process due to them not being aware of what’s going on around them while they are sleeping.

They have also appointed officers to specifically walk about to wake up passengers caught snoozing for more than 10 minutes during their wait. Even if you’re sleeping on the floor or propped up against a wall, you will be woken up.

The airport is also asking that passengers not arrive earlier than the check in time specified by the respective airlines. The departure area is also closed between 12AM to 2AM, forcing passengers to wait in the arrivals terminal.

London Stansted Airport advises that overnight access to the terminal is changing from 11 June 2018 with the terminal periodically closing between midnight and 02:00am.

From this date, departing passengers travelling on early morning flights should not arrive sooner than their scheduled check-in time.

As we do not allow bedding down, use of camp beds, sleeping bags and other portable sleeping aids, details of overnight accommodation and travel options are available below.

Thank you for your understanding while we improve your airport experience.

While some agreed with the stance taken by the airport, others were not so pleased, especially those with upcoming connections with long layovers. With limited bus and rail service in the wee hours of the morning, passengers have also expressed their concern as getting could be  a bit of a challenge as well.

Do you think the airport’s policy is a good one or should some form of arrangements be put in place to accommodate overnight passengers, even if it’s just for a short time?

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