Would you pay $1,000 for a see-through suit case?

Rimowa is known for making its range of high-quality, stylish, and durable luggage. In exchange for such good quality, be prepared to pay a premium price tag as their cases range in the hundreds of dollars, with some even crossing the $1,000+ mark.

The company has partnered with Virgil Abloh, artistic director of menswear for Louis Vuitton, as well as Off-White, a streetwear designer label to make a special version of the “Cabin Multiwheel” carry-on bags. From the story photo, you should have guessed by now that they are going to launch a line of clear suitcases.

Made of see-through polycarbonate material, the contents of your suitcase will be open for the world to see…well at least the stuff that’s not packed deep in the middle. The transparent model will be released at the same time when company releases an updated version of the “Cabin Multiwheel” series, all as part of the celebration of Rimowa’s 120 year birthday.

The update promises to bring:

  • new, lighter materials
  • (almost unnoticeable) ergonomic design tweaks
  • new wheel designs to maximise mobility
  • some practical storage features for frequent travellers

The suitcase also includes black packing bags, in case you want to hide those honeymoon goodies that you do not want the rest of your traveling counterparts to see, but I guess that defeats the purpose of rocking a clear suitcase?

The case is will go on sale for $1,000.

Besides those trying to set a fashion statement or just buying it for the gimmick, we do not foresee too many seasoned travelers shelling out money to have the world see what’s inside their bag, especially if there are expensive possessions worth stealing. The only upside is that it may make you less of a TSA target as they could easily see what’s packed inside without having to open it (unless you pack the good stuff within the layers of clothes).

[Featured Photo: Rimowa]

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