Put your face on your luggage and never lose your bag again


Most suitcases are flat out BORING. Black, rectangular, and rolling off the baggage belts by the thousands. While there are other cases that may set you apart from the rest, there is one sure guaranteed way to never lose your bag again.

The Head Case, made by Firebox, is basically a polyester spandex cover than can be stretched over your roller suitcase. What makes it unique is that you can print a picture of your face on it, guaranteeing that it can easily be found should it be misplaced.

Kristian Bromley, Firebox’s Managing Director, came up with the idea after someone else accidentally grabbed his suitcase while he was on vacation. He then pitched the idea to his co-workers, and the Head Case was born.

The Head Case can be ordered in three different sizes, and can easily be customized on the website. Simply choose a size, upload your photo, and you’re good to go. The product is priced at $26 to $39 depending on which size you buy. Be sure to choose a high quality image, as a subpar photo can come out very pixelated.

[Featured Photo: Firebox]

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