This Canadian Hotel Is Offering A Lucky Couple A Free Valentine’s Day Stay For The Next 18 Years If You Make A Baby


When Valentine’s Day comes to mind, most couples go the traditional route of trying to get a table at a fancy restaurant, buying chocolates and flowers, or even going as far as taking a holiday to an exotic destination.

One Canadian hotel wants to spice things up by offering couples a chance to sneak away for a few hours with their “Nooner” special. Like most other hotels, Hotel Zed offer the usual room with check-in in the afternoon and departure before lunch time rooms, but their Valentine’s Day Nooner special offers up to 2 guests a room on February 14th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for some much need “quality” time. Guests can book these rooms for as low as CAN$59 before taxes.

The hotel located in both Victoria and Kelowna, British Columbia (with a third soon opening in Tofini), has offered the discounted rates for the past five years, but this year’s offer comes with a potential bonus.

Couples who use their allotted four hours to aid in bringing a newborn into the world nine months later will have a chance at winning a free Valentine’s Day stay at any of Hotel Zed’s soon-to-be three locations for the next 18 years.

To add more heat to the already perfect Valentine’s Day gift, if you and your partner welcome a baby into the family nine months after a Nooner Baby Maker check-in, you will receive a free stay every Valentine’s Day for the next 18 years at any Hotel Zed location.

The baby-making promo is not strictly limited to traditional pregnancies, as the Pride at Work partner hotel also accepts partners whose babies will be born via surrogacy or adoption. Couples are not limited to any specific gender identity, sexual orientation or expression either.

So how does it work? Well, we know that the stork can arrive in any number of ways. As long as a new child has been welcomed into the family nine months after a Valentine’s Day 2020 check-in, you can count on 18 more years of getting lucky at our Kelowna hotel, Victoria hotel, or our new Tofino hotel (opening summer 2020) for a free stay on February 14 on us. For eighteen years!

The promotion is meant to be fun and bring some spark back into relationships, and was not put out there solely to convince couples to have kids.

To book the Nooner special, guests simply have to choose February 14th (one night set to default) and use the promo code “NOONER”. The promo-code locks in the 4-hour special. Guests who prefer the spend the entire night, can benefit from discounted rates used the code “NOONTONIGHT”.

[Featured Photo: Hotel Zed]

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