EasyJet Wants To Help You With Your Fear Of Flying

EasyJet Airbus A320

Have a fear of the flying? Afraid to book that first flight? It’s something quite a number of people suffer from, especially when they are not familiar with bumps, thuds and other sounds associated with flying.

Aerophobia or aviophobia is the medical term used to describe the fear of flying, and affects millions of people globally. While there is no definitive way of overcoming that fear overnight, there are a few methods in which passengers can potentially alleviate their fears.

Since 2012, EasyJet has been running its “Fearless Flyer” course, with the goal of helping nervous flyers take control and overcome their fear of the sky. The carrier has announced that it is once again running another round of courses, with available spots in its winter 2024 program.

Starting at just £89, guests taking part in the course can expect to first go through a ground course where a senior captain from the airline and phobia expert Lawrence Leyton will go through explaining the unfamiliar sounds and sensations customers feel onboard an aircraft. They will also go break down various techniques to help counter these triggers over a 2 1/2 hour time frame.

After that, participants will then take part in a one hour ‘Meet The Team’ zoom call, where they’ll be given a run down of the airport experience and what to expect. There will also be a Q&A session with Lawrence Leyton and an EasyJet pilot.

Finally, guests will use what they’ve learnt on the ground to face their fears on a real one-hour flight out of one of the respective airports where the program is being run. As part of the ‘experience flight’, the participants will put their new skills to the test whilst listening to a live commentary of the flight from the Fearless Flyer team.

Photo: Sean Glossop/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed)

The winter 2024 program will be offered at five of EasyJet’s bases, and can be booked via their website fearlessflyer.easyjet.com

  • Manchester – Saturday 27th January 2024
  • London Luton – Saturday 3rd February 2024
  • Bristol- Sunday 4th February 2024
  • Belfast- Sunday 11th February 2024
  • London Gatwick – Saturday 2nd March 2024

If you want a bit of extra one on one attention, there is a VIP course being offered at its London Gatwick base on March 2, which includes benefits like a dedicated Captain who will guide you through the experience flight day, a pre-flight private video call with a pilot and the Fearless Flyer team, VIP check-in process, security and boarding for the experience flight, guaranteed upfront seats, and lifetime access to additional course materials.

[Featured Photo: EasyJet]

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