Delta Air Lines Increases Baggage Fees


Surprised? Delta is following its friends at United and American, bumping up checked bag fee.

With no announcement or note of a change, Delta’s new checked bag fees come into immediate effect as of March 5, 2024. Unlike American or United, there are no incentives to pay online as they’ve implemented the same pricing structure regardless of location of payment as follows:

  • First checked bag – Increases from $30 to $35
  • Second checked bag – Increases from $40 to $45

This increase only applies to domestic flights, and passengers flying to other destinations can use their baggage fee calculator to confirm the figure they need to pay if they are flying elsewhere. Like the other airlines, domestic flights also extend to the bulk of their Central American and Caribbean destinations (with a few exceptions).

Customers can still avoid these baggage fees if they have certain co-branded credit cards or status with Delta or SkyTeam. Those flying in domestic first class will also have their checked bag fees waived once within the set allowances.

It all fairness, checked bag fees have not gone up since 2018, with the new rates falling well within standard inflation percentages. Their bag fees are are comparable to the rest, but they keep it simple by charging the same regardless of where you pay for it.

[Featured Photo: Bradley Wint/Gate Checked]

Featured image: Bradley Wint/Gate Checked | All Rights Reserved

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