Soon you can leave liquids, laptops in your carry-on bags at Heathrow security


Heathrow joins the list of airports rolling out computed tomography (CT) scanning technology at airport lines to reduce security wait times and save on single-plastic use.

The airport announced that it is investing over £50 million over the course of the next few years to fully implement CT scanners, which would significantly reduce the security scanning process as passengers would no longer be required to remove liquids and laptops from their bags. Even though sizes may still be limited, it does mean that passengers will no longer be required to put their liquids in a plastic baggy.

“Heathrow has a proud history of investing in making every journey better and that’s why we’re delighted to be rolling out our new CT equipment. This cutting-edge kit will not only keep the airport safe with the latest technology, but will mean that our future passengers can keep their focus on getting on with their journeys and less time preparing for security screening,” said Heathrow Chief Operations Officer, Chris Garton.

London Heathrow is the first in line to receive the new technology, but travelers will still have to wait until new scanners are implemented on a wider scale across the United Kingdom before they could receive the benefits of faster bag scanning. Heathrow expects to complete the upgrades by 2022, with other airports already prepping to introduce the new scanners within the next few months.

CT airport scanners are not a new concept though, and have already been implemented at quite a few major airports at 15 major airports across the United States.

[Featured Photo: Analogic]

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