BermudAir Backtracks On All-Business Cabin Config

BermudAir Embraer E175 Cabin

It looks like La Compagnie will retain its title as being the only all-business class commercial carrier, as BermudAir has had a change of heart, with plans to offer a mixed cabin configuration instead.

The Bermuda-based Embraer E175 operator initially launched service out of L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA), currently serving White Plains (HPN), Boston (BOS) and Ft. Lauderdale (FLL). Even though BermudAir launched with an all-economy configuration, it blocked two seats in every row, and promised to offer its 30 premium “Aisle Class” seats from November.

The airline has since come to its senses, opting to instead offer a dual-class cabin following feedback from its first month of operations. At least they realized early on that gambling on all business class traffic may not have been as sustainable as they initially predicted.

BermudAir Embraer E175Credit: BermudAir

In a statement CEO Adam Scott said:

“The dual-class cabin will feature a combination of BermudAir’s custom Aisle Class suites and economy seats, allowing guests to choose a travel experience that aligns with their individual needs and preferences. The strategic shift in service plans enables BermudAir to honor its commitment to provide consistent, convenient service to and from Bermuda, while also responding to evolving market dynamics and preliminary guest feedback from its phased launch.

“Since launching in August, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to increase air capacity for Bermuda and serve the business and tourism needs of the island. A dual-class cabin allows us to continue to deliver on that promise, giving our guests more options to fly with BermudAir”.

Passengers flying in economy will still benefit from a meal service as well as free Wi-Fi, with economy booking options already available for purchase via their website. The airline is still finalizing the split of Aisle Class and economy seats, and will announce the new layout some time in the near future.

It’s not surprising to see BermudAir restructuring its business model, as sustaining their needed level of business traffic year-round may not have be feasible. Given that they do not offer lounge access and other frequeny flyer benefits, it might be harder in the long run to keep those travelers loyal to the airline without cutting into their potential profits.

At least the decision opens up capacity for the average tourists and other non-business travelers flying into and out of Bermuda.

[Featured Photo: BermudAir]

Featured image: BermudAir

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