Turkish Airlines Brings Back Full Premium Onboard Dining Service


As the pandemic swung into full effect in early 2020, airlines across the globe cut back significantly on in-flight dining options, with meal service in premium cabins suffering the most. In response, Turkish Airlines swapped out glassware and hot meals for plastics and pre-packaged cold items, as part of its COVID-19 related safety guidelines.

The airline which has been known for its wide selection of great on-board meals, took quite a hit over the past few years as many flyers have been vocal about their sub-par experience.

The good news is that with the global vaccine roll out, airlines are slowly bringing back pre-pandemic service, and Turkish Airlines is going right back to the meal service we know and love. Flights 2 hours and 15 minutes or longer will benefit from full premium cabin (hot) meal service (inclusive of their full drinks selection) with the following breakfast and dinner options:


  • Honeycomb from Erzincan, “kaymak” clotted cream from Afyon, Anatolian style spicy pepper and tomato spread
  • “Gözleme” Grilled Flat Pastry, stuffed with cheese and spinach
  • Cheese and Tomato Omelette with sautéed mushrooms
  • A selection of regional cheeses: aged cheese (Kars), “Ezine” (Çanakkale), with marinated Turkish olives, dried figs and apricots


  • Grilled Turkish Style Meatball, with sautéed zucchini and roasted red pepper bulgur pilaf
  • Grilled Swordfish Brochette, with celeriac potato purée, Tuscan-style vegetables
  • Traditional “Dolma” Varieties, minced beef stuffed vine leaves and zucchini and “Karniyarik,” eggplant with minced beef, tomato sauce and yogurt
  • “Manti” Homemade Turkish Ravioli with minced beef, tomato sauce, yogurt
  • Grilled Lamb Chopswith polenta crespelle and ratatouille
  • Sea Bass en Papilotte and julienne vegetables
  • “Karniyarik,” traditional stuffed eggplant with minced beef, buttered rice
  • Grilled Chicken Brochette with grilled tomato and pepper bulgur pilaf
  • Rigatoni with homemade Parmesan Tomato Sauce

Photo: Turkish Airlines

Photo: Turkish Airlines

[Featured Photo: Turkish Airlines]

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