Entitled: Tourists Threaten Legal Action Against Antiguan Government Over Testing Policies


Antigua and Barbuda may be forced to revisit its traveler testing protocols after a number of tourists threatened legal action after refusing to comply with on-island testing.

The Caribbean twin-island which re-opened its borders on June 4, 2020, mandated that incoming travelers take both temperature readings and nasal swab COVID-19 rapid tests at the airport. Those who test positive will be required to enter quarantine at a government facility until they report a negative result.

Unfortunately, some tourists did not take this too well to this news, as noted in a recent message by Prime Minister Gaston Browne. According to the Antigua News Room, tourists were up in arms against being swabbed for COVID-19.

“Some guests are saying you don’t have the right to put anything in my nose,” said PM Browne.

Other guests who tested positive at the airport ignored the quarantine protocol, trying to book flights to return home the next day. Tourists who were put into quarantine argue that the policies in place are a “violation of their rights”.

As a result, the country’s health and government officials will revisit the entry requirements. Even though there are no details about the updated policies just yet, I would not be surprised if they switch to requiring a negative COVID-19 test result within a 24-72 hour period before their flight to the island group.

One has to wonder if the island’s safely protocols were ever communicated to these disgruntled tourists, as they should have been warned in advance about the entry requirements, along with the potential ramifications if they do test positive for COVID-19.

[Featured Photo: neufal54/Pixabay]

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