Curacao Man Arrested After Posing As Avianca Pilot


Police have arrested a Curacao man after he was previously caught posing as a pilot for Colombian-based airline Avianca.

The 42-year-old man who has not been identified, was arrested at his home on Montezumaweg according to a short report by the Curacao Chronicle.

The man (pictured above) often traveled wearing an Avianca pilots’s uniform in order to get a number of benefits reserved only for crew members. He also used it to trick unsuspecting victims into giving him money.

This is not the first time someone has tried to use illegally obtained uniforms to gain additional benefits. In 2019 alone, two people were caught out, like this one Indian gentleman who was donning a Lufthansa uniform while trying to board an AirAsia flight. He was arrested at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport at the gate. According to police, he used his “travel hack” to build up an audience on his YouTube and TikTok channels.

In March 2019, another “smart” gentleman flew as a First Officer with South African Airways for 20 years with faked credentials, and was only caught out after making a number of “erratic” moves while piloting an SAA aicraft over Swiss airspace. His scam came into question after an incident report was filed.

[Featured Photo: Curacao Chronicle]

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