Man Rips Out Pages From Passport To Hide Affair, Arrested Instead


The silly things people do to cheat. A man was arrested in Mumbai after airport officials discovered that he had ripped pages out of his passport to hide his travel history.

32-year-old Samdarshi Yadav was traveling to the Maldives when he was stopped at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai after officials discovered that some pages from his passport had been torn out. According to the police report, Yadav explained to the police that he lied to his wife, telling her that he had traveled within India for work related purposes on his last trip.In reality, he traveled to another country to have an extra-marital affair.

Hesaid that his wife grew suspicious about his “work” activities, calling many times to find out what he was really up to. In a state of panic, he tore out the pages with the associated foreign visa stamps, thinking she would not notice. However when Yadav returned to Mumbai, immigration officers could not find the matching arrival stamps, leading them to discover that some of the passport pages had been ripped out. Yadav said he was unaware that tampering with his passport was an offense. With that information coming to light, not only did his wife find out about his affair, but he was also arrested under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for cheating and forgery (among other smaller charges).

In the grand schemes of things, it seems Yadav put too much thought into his plan. Why bother to rip out passport pages when most people would quicker snoop around bank statements or their partner’s phones. Why was he in such a rush to rip out the passport pages as well? He could have waited until clearing immigration before doing so, but I guess in his mind, he did not see it as a crime. If his wife were observant, she would have noticed the missing pages anyway.

[Featured Photo: jacqueline maco/Pixabay]

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