Black Mirror fans can now stay in glass house from “Smithereens” episode


If you’re an avid fan of the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, you may be happy to find out that you can actually rent the glass house from the “Smithereens” episode in season 5.

“La Casa Del Desierto” is located in the Gorafe desert in Granada, Spain, and was actually constructed by Guardian Glass as a show piece to demonstrate their capabilities of using glass in housing construction. Featuring no outer walls, the glass structure has only one bedroom and one bathroom, and runs on solar power, with a supply of water coming from a tank beneath the building.

The unit is designed so that guests remain cool indoors even in the hot desert which hovers around 30 degree Celsius during the day. It can also withstand the harsh, dusty winds. Even in the somewhat isolated region, guests can still enjoy a bit of privacy by drawing the heavy curtains lining the exterior of the house.

The building can actually be rented by anyone for flat rate of US $169 a night, but unlike the show in which social media CEO Billy Bauer spent ten days as part of a retreat, guests can only book a maximum of two nights with only two guests at a time. The only way to book is directly via the Guardian Glass website.

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