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Bradley Wint

Bradley Wint

Founder/Executive Editor
I've got champagne taste but lemonade money. Aviation/travel reporter. I do some plane spotting from time to time as well.

SAS unveils a better Lufthansa livery

SAS has lifted the veil off its virtual A350, showcasing the airline’s newest livery. The update which will be featured…
By Sep 20, 2019

Could this new TSA checkpoint make airport security less stressful?

As exciting as traveling is, having to go through airport security is by far one of those most dreadful parts…
By Sep 16, 2019

Caribbean Airlines to extend 737 leases in the wake of MAX grounding

In the wake of the continued 737 MAX grounding, Trinidad and Tobago’s Finance Minister Colm Imbert has announced that Caribbean…
By Sep 13, 2019

Ryanair drops ‘MAX’ title from nose paint work on its 5th 737 MAX 200

As Boeing continues to grapple with software problems on its 737 MAX line, Ryanair has started taking pre-emptive action of…
By Jul 14, 2019

Black Mirror fans can now stay in glass house from “Smithereens” episode

If you’re an avid fan of the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, you may be happy to find out that you…
By Jul 9, 2019

Trump’s 4th of July Revolutionary War airport quote turns into glorious travel meme

President Trump’s Fourth of July speech did not exactly go as well as he hoped it would, but thanks to…
By Jul 9, 2019

Researchers developed system to truly land a plane autonomously

Thanks to Instrument Landing System (ILS) technology, pilots can utilize the airplane’s autopilot system to perform accurate approaches (and even…
By Jul 8, 2019

Retired captain responds to Malaysia’s defense minister’s public warning over delayed flight

On June 16, 2019, Malaysia’s Defense Minister Mohamad Sabu was supposed to fly from Malaysia to London with Malaysia Airlines…
By Jul 4, 2019

All Carnival cruise line brands receive ‘F’ rating on pollution report card

When you’re in the business of providing vacations to millions of people per year on the open seas, environmental awareness…
By Jul 3, 2019

First photos of British Airways’ A350 Club Suite (business) and World Traveller Plus (premium economy) cabins

Travelers who fly British Airways frequently in business class can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the airline has…
By Jul 1, 2019

Jetair Caribbean takes delivery of second Fokker F70

Curacao-based Jetair Caribbean has taken delivery of its second Fokker F70. The second F70, which is now close to 23-years-old,…
By Jun 30, 2019

Book fast! American announces schedule of final MD-80 flights

Cue the tears! American Airlines has officially released a timetable detailing the final flights of its MD-80 fleet. Whether you…
By Jun 25, 2019

Surinam Airways to replace Airbus A340 with Boeing 777

Surinam Airways has started finalizing the process of replacing its aging Airbus A340 after a series of maintenance events forced…
By Jun 25, 2019

Delta to expand facial recognition tech to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Delta Airlines, in partnership with the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), is expanding its facial recognition software to another airport….
By Jun 24, 2019

Soon you can leave liquids, laptops in your carry-on bags at Heathrow security

Heathrow joins the list of airports rolling out computed tomography (CT) scanning technology at airport lines to reduce security wait…
By Jun 23, 2019

American Airlines now offers high speed satellite Wi-Fi on all mainline narrowbodies

Thanks to improving satellite internet technology, American Airlines has upgraded its entire mainline narrowbody fleet to now feature high speed…
By Jun 21, 2019

Boeing 777X completes its first set of taxi and brake tests

Boeing’s 777X (more specifically the 777-9) has completed its first set of taxi tests today. The aircraft (registered N779XW) operating…
By Jun 20, 2019

Airbus says it’s ready to build pilotless jets. Would you fly on one?

When it comes to cars, we’re more than familiar with the number of companies developing autonomous vehicles, but what about…
By Jun 19, 2019

Watch as severe turbulence sends flight attendant crashing into aircraft ceiling

Many seasoned travelers know that moderate to severe turbulence is no joke. Every year, there are guaranteed to be news…
By Jun 19, 2019

United 757-200 suffers significant fuselage damage after hard landing at Newark

A United Airlines 757-200 performing flight UA627 from Denver (DEN) to Newark (EWR) suffered a hard landing, resulting in the…
By Jun 15, 2019

Delta sends private jet for 41 stranded students after their American Airlines flight was cancelled

Delta Airlines came in big time to rescue a group of stranded students traveling from Oklahoma to Virginia after their…
By Jun 14, 2019

Spirit Airlines passenger banned for life for vaping on board flight

A 30-year-old passenger has been permanently banned from flying Spirit Airlines after he was caught vaping on one of their…
By Jun 14, 2019

NASA will soon let tourists visit the International Space Station, but you’ll need a cool $60 million

As NASA ventures towards revisiting the Moon and going further on to Mars, the space agency will also be soon…
By Jun 13, 2019

Avianca Argentina suspends operations for 90 days amidst financial difficulty

Just a little over two weeks after Avianca Brasil was forced to cease operations “as a precautionary measure”, Avianca Argentina…
By Jun 9, 2019