ATR Announces More Efficient ‘EVO’ Family

May 18, 2022

Aerospace company ATR has announced its plans to develop a next generation line of regional prop aircraft family called ‘EVO’.

The ATR EVO line which is supposed to hit the market by 2030 will feature significant improvements, using more environmentally friendly and advanced technologies to reduce fuel burn and use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). While details are very limited, some of the changes include a new prop blade design, more fuel efficient powerplants that can run completely on SAF and a new cabin design, among other features.

ATR’s CEO Stefano Bortoli said operators can expect up to “20% overall fuel improvement and 100% SAF compatibility”. Aircraft using SAF could see at least a 50% reduction in carbon emission. He added that “when using 100% SAF, its emissions will be close to zero.” Maintenance costs are also expected to drop by as much as 20%. When these factors are all combined, it made for a better offering for regional operators according to the company’s Senior Vice President of Commercial.

Fabrice Vautier, ATR SVP Commercial, said: “The ATR ‘EVO’ will be even more economical, with double digit operating cost savings achieved in particular through 20% lower fuel burn and 20% overall maintenance cost reduction. This means airlines can serve thin routes more profitably, and communities can benefit from more connectivity, more essential services, and more economic development. Our aim is to continue to offer customers and society ever more inclusive and responsible air transportation.”

The company is now in the request for proposal stages, working with various engine manufacturers to determine which partners could build a unit best suited to meet the EVO line requirements.

Besides the EVO program, the aircraft manufacturer has also been working to finalize a powerplant retrofit for current ATR 42/72 operators which would allow airlines to upgrade to the more efficient PW127XT engines, which reduces fuel burn and maintenance costs, and can also use SAF.

Photo: ATR

Photo: ATR

Photo: ATR

ATR EVO | The Next Generation ATR

[Featured Photo: ATR]

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