Alaska Airlines Will Hand Out “Yellow Card” To Passengers Not Wearing Masks

Alaska Airlines is playing referee in the COVID-19 football match (soccer for our American readers).

According to the airline, most travelers comply with their on-board mask policy, but with any new rule, there are always those who like to be difficult, even if it means putting others at risk.

In a recent update, the airline announced that from July onward, passengers refusing to wear a mask on their flights will be issued a “yellow card” (pictured above) as a first and final warning. The card explains why masks should be worn, and also alerts the passenger that their name will be flagged on their system.

If a passenger who was already issued a yellow card tries to fly again without a mask, Alaska will consider further punitive action, which could potentially result in a temporary travel ban with the airline.

Starting in early July, our flight attendants will be empowered to issue a final notice to any guest who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask or face covering on board our aircraft. With that warning – in the form of a yellow card handed to them – the guest’s travel with us will be reviewed and could be suspended for a period.

There are, of course some, exceptions to the rule. Travelers who meet any one of the below criteria will not be required to wear a mask:

  • Children under the age of 2.
  • Anyone with a medical issue that creates trouble breathing.
  • Anyone who cannot remove a mask without assistance.
  • Anyone with a disability that prevents wearing a mask.

Masks can also be temporarily taken off when eating and/or drinking while in your seat.

Alaska also notes that passengers will be required to sign off on a required health agreement during the check-in process, in which the customer will be required to confirm that they will wear a mask on board the aircraft. Masks will be provided to those who forgot to bring their own, and each passenger will get their own sanitizing wipe.

Alaska is not the only airline having to take drastic measures like this as both American Airlines and Delta Air Lines recently made headlines after slapping passengers with temporary travel bans after failing to comply with their respective mask policies.

[Featured Photo: Alaska Airlines]

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