JetBlue set to raise baggage and ticket change/cancellation fees

Posted Aug 20, 2018

If you fly with JetBlue, you may be required to fork out a bit of extra cash as the airline is set of raise some of its fees.

As the airline enters an even more competitive realm with legacy carriers slowly tackling the low cost market, and with surging fuel prices, the airline’s new board members are looking for way to reduce spending and increase revenue.

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According to an internal newsletter (shared with The Points Guy), JetBlue will be raising baggage fees, as well as the cost to change or cancel tickets. The increased fee scheme is expected to go live at the end of August.

The checked bag fees will be slightly more expensive than the top three legacy carriers (depending on which route you compare). For those who carry a third bag, the price jump will definitely be felt as the fee jumps by $50.

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As for fare changes and cancellations, the penalty fees are now more on par with the legacy alternatives.

Mint and Vacation travelers will also no longer benefit from lowered fees if they change or cancel more than 60 days before the date of travel.

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Here is the full comparison according to the internal newsletter.

Checked Bag Fee Changes

Checked ItemsCurrent FeeNew Fee
Blue Fare – 1st Bag$25$35
Blue & Blue Plus – 2nd Bag$35$40
All Fares – 3+ Bag$100$150
Surfboard/Bicycle/Wind Surfing$50$100
Pet Fee$100$125

Fare Change/Cancellation Fee Changes

FareFare RangeCurrent FeeNew Fee
Blue/Blue Plus$200 and more$150$200
Blue/Blue Plus$150-$199$150$150
Blue/Blue Plus$100-$149$100$100
Blue/Blue Plus$0-$99$75$75
MintAll fares$75 (60+ days from departure)
$150 (within 60 days from departure)
VacationsAll fares$70 (60+ days prior to travel)
$135 (within 60 days from departure)

[Featured Photo: Tomás Del Coro/Flickr]

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