Caribbean Airlines introduces improved Basic Economy class, better Business Class mileage rewards

Nov 6, 2019

Effective November 7, 2019, Caribbean Airlines has introduced a more flexible booking fare system, offering lower ticket prices to those flying without checked bags, and rewarding those who book full-fare tickets.

Commenting on the new product choices, CEO Garvin Medera stated, “Our motivation is to offer more choice and greater flexibility, which is becoming the industry standard. These branded options combine the best fares with our award winning hospitality and in-flight entertainment, tailored to meet the customers’ unique travel needs. These dynamic products can be easily accessed through all sales channels including the Caribbean Airlines Mobile app which has revolutionized how interact with our customers.”

Economy Lite

Following in the footsteps of other global carriers, the first change included a new basic economy tier called “Lite”. Passengers in this category will have no free checked bags and will not be entitled for a refund, but on a more positive note, frequent flyers will earn 75% of miles flown vs the mere 50% rate used by most American carriers. Lite travelers will also still be entitled to a free meal (if served on the sector) and pre-assigned seating. Even with reduced rewards and no checked bags, travelers can score cheaper tickets if they generally fly with just a carry-on bag.

Added Benefits for other Economy Fares

Those traveling in Classic economy will be entitled to a 50% refund on fares (plus change fees and fare differences) while Economy Flex passengers can now carry up to two free checked bags, and incur no penalty on ticket changes. Miles in Flex will be awarded at 125%. For the added benefits, Economy Flex will cost slightly more than regular economy.

Business Biz Flex

Business Class customers willing to pay a premium for fully flexible fare are now entitled to three free checked bags and a higher awards tier of 175% on miles flown versus the tradition 150% for those flying on a discounted business class ticket.

Check out the following table for the full break down.

Features/ClassLite (Economy)Classic (Economy)Flex (Economy)Biz (Business)Biz Flex (Business)
Baggage Allowance*1 personal bag and 1 carry-on1 personal bag, 1 carry-on and 1 checked bag1 personal bag, 1 carry-on and 2 checked bag1 personal bag, 1 carry-on and 2 checked bag1 personal bag, 1 carry-on and 3 checked bag
Seat Selection**Self-SelectionSelf-SelectionSelf-SelectionSelf-SelectionSelf-Selection
Miles Earned75%100%125%150%175%
In-Flight Entertainment****IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Refund*****Non-refundable50% RefundableFully Refundable50% RefundableFully Refundable
Date Change******US $100/$200 Fee + Fare DifferenceUS $50/125 fee + Fare DifferenceFree Same Day Change + Fare DifferenceUS $50/125 fee + Fare DifferenceFree Same Day Change + Fare Difference
VIP ExtrasNoneNoneNonePriority Check-In,
Lounge Access,
Priority Boarding
Priority Check-In,
Lounge Access,
Priority Boarding


  • * Economy Lite does not include a checked bag
  • ** Caribbean Plus seats can be purchased at an additional fee.
  • *** Availability of meals, snacks and drinks vary by flight.
  • **** Availability varies by flight and aircraft type.
  • ***** An administration fee applies to Flex and Biz Flex class fares
  • ****** Based on Intra Caribbean or International destinations.

All economy fares are eligible for Caribbean Plus, Caribbean Upgrade and airport upgrade to Business Class.

The new fare class system will not apply to tickets purchased before November 7, 2019.

[Featured Photo: Bradley Wint/Gate Checked]

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