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Racially abusive man throws insults at black woman on Ryanair flight

Ryanair is once again making headlines after a white male was filmed throwing racial insults towards another black female seated near him.
Oct 21, 2018

Scientists able to scare away birds around airport with googly eyes

It's no secret that birds and airplanes do not mix, and scientists may have finally found a way to keep these two within safe distances of each other.
Oct 14, 2018

Is Caribbean Airlines’ “Caribbean Plus” worth the extra bucks?

With 5 inches of extra legroom over regular economy, spending as much as $35 more for a Plus seat still seems questionable.
Oct 1, 2018

Cathay Pacific to donate world’s first Boeing 777-200 to museum

Cathay Pacific and Boeing have announced they will be donating the world’s first Boeing 777 to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona.
Sep 17, 2018

JetBlue unveils special ‘Bluericua’ livery, representing the company’s ties to Puerto Rico

JetBlue unveils special 'Bluericua' livery to show their love for Puerto Rico.
Sep 16, 2018

U.S. Airport facial recognition software already busted two people trying to enter with fake passports

Thanks to facial recognition software, officials at Dulles International Airport have busted two people trying to illegally enter the United States.
Sep 16, 2018

Can you guess the correct airport codes of these airports?

It's time to test your knowledge! Can you guess the corresponding IATA codes for the airports below?
Aug 19, 2018

Should you recline your seat in economy?

Recline room in regular economy has become virtually non-existent, and someone reclining their seat could easily mean you losing out on space to work on your laptop or eat a meal.
Aug 14, 2018

British tourist slaps immigration officer after being fined for overstaying her visa

A British tourist traveling from Bali, Indonesia, to Singapore, slapped an immigration officer after being fined $4,000 for overstaying her visa.
Aug 5, 2018

Watch this Smartwings 737 overrun the runway edge at Pardubice, Czech Republic

Watch this Smartwings flight from Heraklion, Greece to Pardubice, Czech Republic overrun the end of the runway after failing to stop in time.
Aug 5, 2018

The TSA wants to eliminate security screening at smaller U.S. airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is considering discontinuing passenger screening at over 150 small to medium-sized U.S. based airports.
Aug 1, 2018

Aeromexico Connect E190 veered off runway and burst into flames

Reports are coming in that Aeromexico Connect flight AM2431 from Durango to Guadalajara (both in Mexico) burst into flames shortly after takeoff.
Jul 31, 2018